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The following routes are suggestions for exploring the back-roads and attractions of West Virginia.

There is a link to the GMAP-Pedometer site as well as a detailed description of the route that can be printed out.

(PLEASE NOTE: The maps take a minute to load, so please be patient. Thanks!)





PETERSBURG LOOP – (#1) A 173-Mile loop north and west of Petersburg. Greenland Gap – a scenic ride through a narrow pass in the ridge, through farmland and alongside a creek, on a narrow but freshly paved road. Then climb Rt 42 from Scherr up to Mt Storm on one of the best mountain rides in WV. In Davis, stop at Blackwater Falls, one of WV’s most recognized landmarks. Enjoy the twisty road from Davis to Parsons, where you take narrow (paved) Rt 72 through the remote back-county for about 20 miles. Stop at Seneca Rocks and climb to the top for a great view. This is another of WV’s most recognized landmarks. Then, head south about 10 miles and climb the narrow, twisty (paved) road up to the summit of Spruce Knob, the highest point in WV. Descend to Judy Gap and ride the twisty Rt 33 up the mountain to the Germany Valley Overlook, one of the best views in the state. Then, explore the famous Smoke Hole Road before returning to Petersburg.


PETERSBURG LOOP – (#2)   (NOTE: Map is in 2 parts – Old Rt 55 Eastbound, then returning on New Rt 55) A 115-mile loop following the Old Rt 55 2-lane east from Petersburg through Moorefield and Wardensville to the VA State Line. Return to Wardensville, then follow the New Rt 55 (scenic 4-lane divided highway) west to Moorefield and continue on Rt 48 into the Greenland Gap area. Finally, circle back to Petersburg through back roads through old farm country. All paved – nice curvy roads - one short section of very narrow paved road through forest.   For Ride Report and Photos: CLICK HERE


RANDOLPH COUNTY  – Here is a scan of the nice brochure put out by the Randolph County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. It includes several suggested riding routes based out of Elkins.  They are nice routes and open the door for lots of additional possible rides. (Scanned and reprinted with permission)





BECKLEY LOOP – (#1)  A 170 Mile Loop south and west of town – Beckley, Mullens, Itmann, Pineville, Welch, Coalwood, Bramwell, Pinnacle Rock, Mullens, Beckley.

Paved – Mostly very good pavement – very twisty, lots of curves – some narrow sections – some moderate heavy truck traffic, some very slow, some very fast!


BECKLEY LOOP – (#2)  A 2-Day, 500-mile loop starting in Beckley and looping counterclockwise North and East through Babcock State Park, Cranberry Glades/ Highland Scenic Highway, Marlinton, Cass, Green Bank, Spruce Knob, Germany Valley, Smoke Hole (see photo above in header), then camping at Seneca Rocks.  Day 2 goes through Harman, then Davis/ Blackwater Falls, Thomas, Parsons, Elkins, Huttonsville, Webster Springs, Summersville, New River Gorge Bridge (and the Old Bridge Road), then finishing up back in Beckley.  All paved except for a couple of miles at Spruce Knob with very smooth, hard-packed fine gravel.  LOTS of curves, LOTS of great scenery. (NOTE: Map is in 2 parts)