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Cass Scenic Railroad

Webster Springs

Lancias in Weston (huh?)

And a side trip to Ireland


June 2008



Starting out the trip on Rt 19 South out of Clarksburg.

This was a nice view near Jane Lew.



Rt4 1.jpg

After going through Weston, I took Rt 4 west. Starting to get interesting.



Rt4 2.jpg

Rt 4 nearing Rock Cave. Its getting better every minute!




After Rock Cave, I headed south on Rt 20. This is the entrance to Holly River State Park.




I took a little detour and rode back into Holly River State Park.



HR to Cass.jpg

Back out on Rt 20 heading south toward Webster Springs. Great riding!

I started out this ride on about a half tank of gas, and thought I would stop about now to fill up.

The problem is, there are no gas stations open. By the time I find a station in Webster Springs,

I was down to my last half-gallon.




After Webster Springs, I went east on Rt 15, south on Rt 219, then east again on Rt 33.

Destination Cass, home of the Cass Railroad. The train was just coming in.

You can ride the passenger cars up the steep mountain to the overlook Highly recommended.




The Cass Scenic Railroad station.

Theres a good snack bar in the station if you want a burger or hot-dog.




Two fine machines and one old man.




The engineer was oiling everything before heading up the mountain again.




Lots of steam pressure.




Off she goes next stop is the top of the mountain.




Disappearing in a cloud of coal smoke.

Id venture to say this is more pollution than a hundred cars give off in a year.




CR1 Cass2

Heading out of Cass, I went up the CR 1 right behind the station. Also called Back Mt. Road.

All paved, but very narrow and lots of blind corners. More horsies!



CR1 Cass3

Im glad it wasnt named Broke Back Mt. Road.



Rt250 CheatMt

Back on Rt 250 heading west into Huttonsville. Cheat Mountain overlook.




See, I told you I took a side trip to Ireland (WV). Yes, they do have Irish festivals here.



Lancia 1

Coming back through Weston (pop about 5,000), I was very surprised to see an old Lancia sitting in front of a warehouse.




Yes, the lighting is terrible, but you get an idea of the old-world craftsmanship.



Weston garage1

I poked my head in the open door to the warehouse and discovered a treasure chest of cool European cars.

Citroens, Alfa Romeos, Porsches, Jaguars, and Deutsch-Bonnets.



Weston garage2

This old Citroen was undergoing restoration.



Weston garage 2CV

A French Citroen 2CV.

There were thousands of these still running around Europe when we were there 2000-2003.




Weston garageDB1

The Deutsch Bonnet race car. This was one of only a few hundred made. Fascinating!

For a history of the D-B cars, click here.

The Panhard and D-B Club of America

I think you will see this car on the second link (or one just like it)



Weston garageDB2

The rear of the Deutsch-Bonnet.



Weston garage3

Here is Jim Bandy, the owner of this garage and all the cars.

He was stationed in Europe for several years and became interested in European cars.

You can contact him at:

USAFrance Auto

PO Box 1409

Weston, WV 26452


Well, hope you enjoyed todays ride. Thanks!


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