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Blackwater Falls Ė Tucker & Grant Counties


Located near Davis, just south of the SW corner point of Maryland (Fairfax Stone).


I met up with a riding friend, Michael (aka DuckWV) at Philippi on Friday afternoon for a nice ride over through Nestorville and Parsons to Blackwater Falls State Park.We pitched our tents, grabbed a burrito at Hellbenderís Burritos, and then headed out exploring back roads in the area.The weather was perfect Ė sunny and temps in the 70s and low 80s.




Entrance to Blackwater Falls State Park.





The campground is located about a mile from the falls.Very clean and organized.




Reasonable rates for a nice facility.





We set up camp under the trees to the left.

The bath/shower house was about 100 yards away Ė close enough to be handy, but not noisy or smelly.






Nice, clean bath house nearby.







As soon as we were set up, it was time to ride.First, letís get some food so we donít have to rush back.Hellbenderís Burritos (middle building on right) in Davis has quite a reputation.

Letís see if they are as good as people say they are.





Weíre here.




Yourís truly with the sentinel.





Inside, itís nice and clean. There is also a bar in the next room.




I ordered the steak burrito.Nicely done.The burritos range from about $6 - $8.





After dinner, it was north to just above Thomas.From there, we headed NE up Rt 90 towards Gormania.††

Itís a pretty straight road, but the scenery is nice.Pleasant, but not a road I would go out of my way to ride again.




Still following Rt 90 NE along the WV / MD border.




Rt 90 passes through the small town of Bayard.





And here is where Rt 90 (straight ahead, looking south) meets Rt 50 at Gormania.




From Gormania, we headed east on Rt 50 to Mt. Storm, where we rode Rt 42 south to Scheer.Going down the mountain from Mt. Storm Lake to Scheer is one of West Virginiaís greatest rides.Nice combination of some tight 25-30 MPH curves, along with nice sweepers that can be taken at 50 MPH +, depending on how much you trust your bike and the tires.Smooth pavement and good visibility, too.Here, we are nearing the bottom, looking out towards our destination of Greenland Gap, visible just to the left of the new Corridor H bridge.




After passing under the new Corridor H bridge, Greenland Gap Road (County Road 3-3)

turns to the right off of this road (CR 1).





Greenland Gap Road Ė CR 3-3.Freshly repaved.





Greenland Gap Road follows this stream for several miles.




To the left, the rocks from the cliffs angle downward into the stream.





Michael (DuckWV) came back to check on me since I stopped to take so many photos.




Yourís truly by the point where the cliff angles down into the stream.





Greenland Gap Road (CR3-3) continues on eastward.





Nice view of the stream.





After crossing CR3 at Falls, Greenland Gap Road (CR3-3) continues east.





Nice scenery on CR3-3 between Falls and CR5 (to Medley).Also freshly paved.





More scenery on CR3-3.





This farmer was making hay.

The junction with CR5 is just ahead.Turn left (north) to go to Medley.




Between Medley and Williamsport, we turned left (west) on CR2, also known as Belle Barb Lane.

This road circles back around to Greenland Gap.





My favorite photo of todayís ride.CR2 (Belle Barb Lane) looking west. Peaceful!



Soon we were backtracking through Greenland Gap and blazed another ride up the mountain on Rt 42 to Mt. Storm Lake.

From there, we took Rt 92 west straight over to Davis and Blackwater Falls.

It was just getting dark when we arrived back at the campground.†† Beautiful day and great riding!! See you tomorrow.






Next morning (Saturday).Up at 6am.Pretty quiet around the campground.





I walked over by the woods and found this nice group of ferns.

(BTW Ė Thatís not flash. The ferns were naturally this bright.)





A closer examination of the ferns revealed this small moth, about the size of a dime.





Michaelís GPS showed the temperature to be 44 this morning.

Quite a change from the 90s earlier in the week out at Harpers Ferry.





After packing everything up on the bikes, we rode into town for breakfast.

We passed these deer also out looking for their breakfast.




The Saw Mill Restaurant in Davis is a nice family-style restaurant.

Good food, reasonable prices, good selection, very clean.






Inside the Saw Mill Restaurant.

I had the meal with 2 buckwheat cakes, 2 eggs, home fries, and toast for $6.






After breakfast, we headed south on Rt 32 toward Harmon.About 6 miles north of Harmon, Rt 72 turns west

and goes through 15 miles of back country and farms before coming out near Parsons.

This photo is actually at the western side, where we finished.






Heading west on Rt 72 from the Canaan Valley area.This part was also freshly paved.




Rt 72 is visible up ahead as it meanders through the countryside.

Look closely and you can see Michael riding up ahead.






Another view of Rt 72.(near eastern end of road)





I bet this old house has a lot of stories to tell.





Continuing westbound on Rt 72.Nice variety of woods and farms.





The western half of Rt 72 has not been repaved in awhile, but is still in OK shape.

Watch for fine gravel in the corners, though.





A woodsy section of Rt 72 near the western end.





Some tight corners.This is why they donít allow trucks on this road.





Nearing the western end of Rt 72.Only a couple more miles to Hendricks.





The beginning of Rt 72 on the western end looking east.





This one is for HBN.He always stops to get flower photos.




At Parsons, we headed north on Rt 72.We stopped at St. George and saw these folks fishing the quiet Cheat River.


After this, we turned left (west) at Etam onto CR 76 and CR 50-6 which brought us out on Rt 50 about 5 miles west of Cool Springs.





I wondered if I could actually ride under it, but I think my windshield would just clip the driveshaft.




Soon, we were at Cool Springs, where we relaxed with a cold Coke and walked around looking at the old farm machinery on display.


You can see more photos of this landmark at:






Inside, I saw this book for sale.Lots of riders dream and talk of riding their bikes to Alaska, but THIS would be an adventure to talk about!!!

(EDIT: I bought this book on my next visit and it was great reading!)


After Cool Springs, Michael & I headed north through Rowlesburg on CR 51 (Salt Lick Road) to Terra Alta.

After looking around town a little, we headed west on Rt 7 to Kingwood for lunch, then back to Clarksburg.



I hope you enjoyed this short tour of Tucker, Preston, & Grant Counties.



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