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Rella’s Diner

Rt 20 – Hacker Valley

(304) 493-6658
Rella’s Diner is located about 2 miles south of Hacker Valley and Holly River State Park on Rt 20.  To the uninitiated, it appears to be an old trailer with a simple “Rella’s” sign on the outside wall.  I rode by several times before stopping for lunch one day, only because I had read about it on the ADV Forum.  What I found was truly a “Destination” you can’t miss when you ride WV.

Rella is the owner, chef, disciplinarian, historian, and waitress all wrapped up in one feisty Great-Grandma of a package!  She prepares meals here 7 days a week.

Rella’s daughter, Jeaneace, was ill and hospitalized this past summer (2010), so a group of ADV Riders decided to meet there one day for lunch to show our support. It was quite apparent how popular Rella is when about 30 riders from all over West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and even Ohio showed up!  The following photos were taken throughout the year during several stops for lunch.  Enjoy!



Inside, there are only 6 or 8 tables, so you had better get here early if you want a good seat.  If you have to eat on the floor, though, don’t worry.  It is spotless!  Note the tennis balls attached to each chair leg so they don’t scratch the floor.



Another view of the dining room before the crowd arrives.




The sign outside tells about the November Ramp Dinner.  Rella prepares a feast with ramps, scrambled eggs, bacon, beans, cornbread, and lots more.
The gang’s all here.  Altogether, we had about 30-35 people stop by throughout the afternoon to say “Hi” to Rella and present her with a little “Thank you” for all of her hospitality over the years.





Here is a file photo from earlier in 2010 showing three generations of Stumps ready to cook and serve a great meal:

(Left) JonnaRella’s Great Grand-Daughter

(Center) Rella

(Right) JeaneaceRella’s Daughter, Jonna’s Grandmother

Barney is my occasional travel partner & mascot.






Let’s take a peek in the pie fridge!  Rella always has several home-made pies in the fridge.  She makes them from scratch – even the meringue!  My favorites are the peanut butter pie, graham cracker pie, and lemon meringue.  But, they’re ALL good!  Just like grandma used to make.

Choices, choices, choices.




Here, Jeaneace is showing one of the peanut butter pies.  Yummy! 

(Earlier photo from summer 2010 before she was hospitalized)

Rella working in the hot kitchen to make sure we all have a great lunch. THANKS, RELLA!
Juanita hard at work helping out in the kitchen and serving our meals. Thanks, Juanita!!
Some of the crew from the ADV Rider forum - (L-R) DuckWV, GuyYoung, Stedlo, RiderDDonald (back turned), KWN306's wife (sorry I didn't get your name), and KWN306.



This is the “Junior” burger and onion rings, if you only want a Quarter-Pounder.  Real meat!  Real lettuce & tomatoes.  Real onions. 

Cooked just right!
(L-R) KWN306's wife and him (white shirt), John (COG Member in black shirt), Tony (COG Member in white shirt), RiderDDonald (yellow shirt turned away again!), Stedlo (red shirt), Guy YOung (white shirt), and Duck WV.
ORexpat (L-standing) and HBurgNinja (from Virginia - Dk. blue shirt - R - standing) joined us shortly after we arrived.
RiderDDonald from Ohio enjoying his lunch! Burger time.
RiderDDonald also sampled the pie! Graham cracker. Mmmmmm.
DuckWV had his pie and milk, so he's a happy guy.
HBNinja'sDad Bill (back), SouthSide (left) and ORexpat (right) enjoying the great food.
Great home cookin' just like Mom and Grandma used to make.

Today’s special – meatloaf.
ManofBlues and his wife Dona (with 1 "n") enjoying their lunch.
With stomachs full and visions of naptime dancing in our heads, it was time to move on to the reason we were there. Guy Young called Rella out to tell her how special she is to all of us, and much we appreciate her hospitality.
To help out with expenses with her daughter Jeaneace (who was recovering in a nursing home in Flatwoods at the time), the ADV and COG Riders collected over $1,350. Rella has had to close the diner to go visit her, and there are always things not covered by insurance that this will hopefully help pay for.
Rella was visibly overwhelmed by the gift. She later told me she was so appreciative, but would never ask for charity. I told her charity is when you take something without having given. This is not charity, it's a small repayment of all the kindness she has given to us.
Well, it was a wonderful day. Good fellowship with other riders we only knew as nicknames on a computer screen. Great food (as always!). And the feeling of helping out a well-deserving friend.


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