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Melanie’s Family Restaurant

Rt 50 – Preston County – Cathedral State Park – Just east of Aurora – Just west of Maryland


We found this nice restaurant by chance one day on our way home from Winchester, VA.  It sits up on a small hill about 100 feet on the south side of Rt 50.  It’s pretty easy to miss unless you notice the sign out front.  The entrance to Cathedral State Park is just across the highway.



This small sign is all there is to let you know you just passed by. 

The restaurant is up on the hill, so you don’t see it unless you really slow down.




Sorry for the glare – can’t complain about the sunshine today, though.




Come on in and find a seat. 




More people came after the word leaked out that we were here. 




A nice Morgantown newspaper article just inside the front door. 




My favorite diner food – Hot Roast Beef Sandwich & Mashed Potatoes. 

My wife loves potatoes, so she quickly stole ˝ of mine when she saw they were “Real”, not “Instant”. 

She gave them a big “thumbs up”.  Home-made bread and gravy were great!




My wife ordered the hamburger and…. there’s the rest of my mashed potatoes! 




Menu Pg 1 – Phone number and hours




Menu Pg 2 – mmm, Buckwheat Cakes!  (next time)




Menu Pg 3




Menu Pg 5




Menu Pg 6




I like this sign by the register. 


Overall – Very good!     Clean A  /  Food A  /  Prices A / Friendly Service A



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