Company’s Coming

Family Restaurant


Located on Rt 50 in Fellowsville -  about 18 miles east of Grafton.  


Nice family restaurant – Good food and decent prices ($4 Cheeseburgers / $6 Hoagies).  The first time we ate here, the onion rings were the best I had ever eaten (one of the very few slightly overpriced items at $4.25).  This time, they were just a little over-done, but still tasty.  VERY clean!!





The restaurant is located just far enough off Rt 50 to pull your car in.  Barely.





Only 20-25 miles from Kingwood, home of the Buckwheat Festival.






The Sunday Special. 





The front porch is decorated with good ol’ WV humor.





Uh, huh. 






Once inside, you can choose between tables or booths. 




Lots of old knick-knacks and “stuff” along the shelf above the windows. 





Steak hoagie with lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes.  (Did I spell that correctly, Mr. Quail?)





This old painting was next to our table, and I wondered if this is what the restaurant looked like in years past???






Don’t show up on Monday or Tuesday expecting a meal. 



All in all, a pretty nice place to stop.  I’d give the food a B+, the cleanliness an A+,

friendly service an A+, and the prices a B+.  I’ll certainly be back. 


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