Cabela’s Sporting Goods Store

I-70   East of Wheeling


Normally, I would not consider a sporting goods store (or any retail store, for that matter) as a destination, but this is the exception.  My wife and I stopped in here to look at camping equipment and we were very impressed with the displays – both living and “stuffed”.   I was a hunter up until about 1995, when I chose to do my shooting with a camera.  Inside the store is a rock “mountain” set up with displays of wild game.  There is also a very nice aquarium with live fish in a walk-thru hallway, where you are surrounded by fish on both sides.   Very educational.  My wife even liked it.  



The outside entrance to Cabela’s.   Cold, windy day.




This large wooden sculpture greets visitors at the entrance.




Inside, there is quite a selection of outdoor gear.  Camping stuff is upstairs in the back.

The rock mountain display with animals is straight ahead.




Closer view of the rock mountain display. 




An even closer view.




View from the upstairs balcony looking down towards the entrance.




Another view from the other side of the balcony.




White-tail deer with unusual antlers. 




I recognize this guy from living in Alaska for 7 years.  Look at those teeth!




Musk ox.  Another Alaskan native.




Dall sheep – yet another Alaska native. 




This black bear is going to shake the bees’ nest down to get the honey.

Notice the smarter animals scattering before the mad bees attack! 




Top of the mountain – Bighorn Sheep





Yikes!  How would you like to find this guy in your tent?




Wile E. Coyote.




Prairie Dog. 




Yow!  I would hate to have this guy bite me!  Javelina.




Moose – another in a long series of Alaskan natives.

Funny story – and true!  When we were stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base, AK, there was a moose on the 6-lane highway leaving eastbound out of Anchorage one winter evening around 1994 or 1995.  It was blocking traffic, so one of the Anchorage policemen figured he could scare it back into the woods.  He drove his Chevy Caprice cruiser up to about 30 feet away and hit the lights and siren.  The moose charged the cruiser and promptly destroyed it.  They had to tow the car away.  The moose was unhurt and went on his way – on his own sweet time.  Moral of the story – “Don’t mess with a moose!”




Brown Bear.




Entrance to the aquarium hallway.

My camera battery went dead, so I thought I would try my new cell phone’s camera.  It worked OK in the light, but….




The phone camera didn’t do so well in low-light.  You still get the idea.




There was a nice variety of fish in the aquarium.  Very educational.




When you’re done looking around, try the Powder Horn Grill.  Lots of unusual game meats available. 

We played it safe and headed next door to Applebee’s. 


Stop by and check out the animal displays and good selection of outdoor/camping equipment.


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