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Berdine’s Five & Dime


Oldest Dime Store in WV


Harrisville, WV – Junction of Rt 16 and Rt 31




From their website:


Welcome to Berdine's Five and Dime, a small, special corner of “Almost Heaven” West Virginia.  Berdine's Five and Dime has been in continuous operation in Harrisville, West Virginia since 1908. We are pleased as we complete a century of service to our community, neighbors and patrons from afar. We continue to celebrate the simpler times, slower pace and nostalgia for a time gone by.

We are America's Oldest Dime store. With our pressed tin ceilings, bins of novelties, tin toys, bulk candies, and almost anything we provide the same friendly service decade after decade. Since 1908 we are where generations have come for gifts and practical items. Called one of West Virginia's “Best Treasures” by one of our state’s Charleston newspapers, Berdine's continues to evoke memories while providing practical and purely nonsensical merchandise. Bulk candy from our antique oak case, bins of old time and inexpensive toys that you remember from your childhood, gifts for special occasions that you will not find elsewhere. We also carry unique books and old time remedies along with kitchen gadgets and soaps and cleaning products that have been used for generations. If you cannot find it anywhere else - try Berdine's!  Your grandparents did!


Visiting us is not a step back in time, it is like taking a giant leap back in time! Back to the days when going to the Five and Dime meant getting supplies as well as the neighborly news and maybe a spool of thread. Life was perhaps a little easier back then, certainly a little slower. Visiting our store brings back the feel and experience of those bygone times when a friendly visit was assured and it still is! We are always glad to welcome and assist you at Berdine's.

While our store is only 1,500 square feet in size, we are packed with thousands upon thousand of the unusual, unique and hard to find. When you visit it is impossible not to stay for a while to browse our shelves, sample our candy, and try out our toys. You will be taking a "Giant Leap Back in Time."


You may visit us here on line at any time, or you may come and visit us in person in West Virginia. We're open every day 9-5, except Sunday. We are at 106 North Court Street, Harrisville, West Virginia 26362. Telephone us at (304) 643-2217




Classic Storefront






Store Manager – Karen Harper






Lots of lots of classic old-time “stuff’ you thought wasn’t made anymore…..





Like this! 





And these.




Plan on spending some time looking around.  I made 2 loops around the inside of the store and found things I missed the first time. 


When you are finished, Rt 16 offers some great riding south towards Grantsville and all the way south to Gauley Bridge (east of Charleston on Rt 60).



Contact information:

By email:

By standard mail:
106 North Court Street
Harrisville, WV 26362

By phone:
(304)643-2217 (9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST every day except Sunday)



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